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Dalia Penzik
Dalia Penzik

Company Director

Hattie Bowering
Hattie Bowering

Creative Director

Mona Girish
Mona Girish

Project Manager

“We have worked with Citizen on various research projects. These were often sensitive assignments that had complicated logistics and required extensive research that really benefited our strategies for a shifting and multi-faceted market.”  

Navigating new markets

We help our clients to navigate global markets and assist in streamlining their experience. Our focus is on new and challenging markets in the Middle East and Asia. We collaborate to design the best research techniques to fit the objectives, and bring insight and expertise to the table.

Navigating new markets

Understanding Social Behaviour

Cross cultural insight informs everything we do. It offers our clients a richer understanding of social behaviours, and the often complex material and non-material cultures that form our world. We often take clients off grid to encounter new and challenging audiences as well as immerse them in the culture of a place - be it a curator led gallery tour in Jeddah, embedding with an NGO project in Mumbai, cooking future foods in Hanoi or visiting schools in remote communities in Tamil Nadu.

Understanding social behaviour

Accessing our Network

Our recruitment teams source ideal participants, not solely relying on databases but rather tapping into a wide pool of on the ground contacts. We screen every participant and ensure a rich variety to best meet the requirements of each project - from cutting edge consumers to industry leaders and we specialise in the sensitive and difficult to access. We connect our clients to a network of cultural commentators, tech and innovation specialists, trend forecasters, media and industry insiders.

Accessing our network

Bringing Research to Life

We think it’s important bring the research to life - whether through films, photography, podcasts or curated exhibitions - to help our clients better understand demographic complexities. It also ensures the findings are communicated in an insightful and creative way.

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“We value and appreciate the level of quality they bring to our global customer stories. They research extensively to find us the most interesting characters and businesses, and produce truly engaging content in the form of film, photography and written articles.”
Betty Ortiz, Director of Marketing Content Strategy, Dropbox

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