Amelia Hemphill

Amelia Hemphill makes complex, scientific ideas feel mass market relevant, exploring futuristic tech through a pop culture fuelled, feminist filter.

Her work is funny, informative and entertaining, but retains a strong sense of purpose and urgency - raising important ethical questions about the advancement of a digital revolution.

Amelia is a tech and innovation presenter for Mail +, BBC News and BBC World Service. She has been featured on award winning shows across the BBC network including 100 Women, BBC World News, Radio 4, The Travel Show, + BBC World Service. She has also presented a podcast series for the Daily Mail + Mail on Sunday - telling the human stories behind the newspaper’s biggest investigations. Amelia was formerly the tech and innovation correspondent for The Street and worked for Bloomberg TV in New York. She is a graduate of Oxford University and Columbia Journalism school.

Project: My Avatar and Me / Client: BBC News / Presenter: Amelia Hemphill
Project: Reviving Italy's ghost towns / Client: BBC World Hacks / Presenter: Amelia Hemphill
Project: Rent-a-sister: Coaxing Japan’s hikikomori out of their rooms / Client: BBC World Hacks / Filmed by: Amelia Hemphill