David Betteridge

He owns more cameras than pairs of shoes and has made films in over 60 countries for some of the most interesting brands in the world (Google, Virgin, Samsung, Coca Cola, Tate, Sony, Nokia), for government departments and NGOs.

He has filmed CEO’s and fisherman, CERN physicists and refugees, he even once filmed a pop star underwater in a jacuzzi full of strawberries.He is an award winning champion of VR 360 video, constantly pushing the technology to tell stories with high end production value. He has years of experience directing and shooting 360 video campaigns and complex 360 video interactive projects. David is Creative Director of Wild Media’s VR 360 division.

Project: HP Envy: Dickie, Nicaragua / Client: HP / Agency: Flare@AMVBBDO /Creative Director: David Betteridge
Project: Discovery VR: Egypt / Client: Discovery Channel for The Egyptian Tourist Board / Creative Director: David Betteridge