Flexible Futures / The World @ Work

Let’s get flexible, flexible. Flexible Futures is a platform co-created with Dropbox to explore the shifting parameters faced by the world at work. Our content has taken multiple forms from exhibition, microsite, article, photography and 360 films.

Project Background: Citizen ran a cultural research project for Dropbox that focused on the world at work and the shifting parameters that it faces. We curated an exhibition (The World @ Work), built a microsite to accompany a brand relaunch, made a series of 360 immersive customer encounter films, wrote an integrated long read essay on flexibility in the workplace and co-hosted a programme of events for Dropbox’s Flexible Futures.

The project has been a great success and we are continuing to commission editorial and creative projects for this new space.

Flexible Futures: Creative Directors: Hattie Bowering & Dalia Penzik / Dropbox Creative Producers: Michelle Morrison & Jen DiZio / Immersive Media Director: David Betteridge / Writer: Rachel Wong / Additional Copy: Alex Todd / Project Coordinator: Mona Girish / Supporting Content: Joanna Apps & Bella Blackburne / Films shot & edited by: Marty Martin (San Francisco) / Richard Ducosky (Indonesia) / Simon Bradshaw (Thailand) / WaiPeng (Singapore)

World @ Work: Creative Director: Hattie Bowering / Creative Producers: Bella Blackburne & Jennifer DiZio / Production: Mona Girish / Exhibition Curator: Barrak Alzaid / Research & Production: Citizen Research / Exhibition Build: Digital Ambiance / Films shot & edited by: Harry Shum (Taiwan), Vikramatya Singh (India), Joffrey Umbdenstock (Germany)

JP Morgan
Consumer Spending Habits

Getting to know your customers and build empathy for their payment challenges.

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Social Media Privacy

Navigating cultural red lines in KSA for a social media platform.

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E-Signature Trust & Security

We travelled across Europe with the Dropbox team to explore perceptions and attitudes towards trust and security in the e-signature space.

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EXPO 2020 Dubai campaign series
EXPO 2020 Dubai Campaign Series

For the launch campaign of EXPO 2020 Dubai, we travelled the globe to find people and places that spoke to their vision, connecting minds and creating the future.

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Luxury through the ages
Luxury Through the Ages

We explore all that glitters in Abu Dhabi in our film about luxury, desire and derision.

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The UAE In Venice
The UAE In Venice

Roar for the UAE as they win the Golden Lion at Venice 2022.

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