Growth Model

Insights for a leading global FMCG dairy brand.


Project Background: Citizen utilised a research process to designed to uncover static insights, dynamic insights and the customer journey for a leading global FMCG dairy brand.

Methodologies: Online Community, IDIs

Deliverables & Outcomes: Updated F&B brand’s insight into regional consumer trends. The research also covered the change in eating habits, especially during Ramadan.

Privacy Market Immersion

Research to gain a deeper insight into attitudes to privacy in India, UK and Brazil.

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The Future of Education in the Middle East

Research into ultimate educational proposition for private international schools in the Middle East.

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Buyers Persona Segmentation

Persona segmentation work for a global financial client.

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EXPO 2020 Dubai campaign series
EXPO 2020 Dubai Campaign Series

For the launch campaign of EXPO 2020 Dubai, we travelled the globe to find people and places that spoke to their vision, connecting minds and creating the future.

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Luxury through the ages
Luxury Through the Ages

We explore all that glitters in Abu Dhabi in our film about luxury, desire and derision.

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The UAE In Venice
The UAE In Venice

Roar for the UAE as they win the Golden Lion at Venice 2022.

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