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We help clients navigate new territories and audiences, giving them a deeper cultural and socio-economic context through our strong local and global expertise. Our approach informs innovation and decision making, and is built on real-world insight grounded in ethnography.

Flexible Futures / The World @ Work

Flexible Futures / The World @ Work

Let’s get flexible, flexible. Flexible Futures is a platform co-created with Dropbox to explore the shifting parameters faced by the world at work. Our content has taken multiple forms from exhibition, microsite, article, photography and 360 films.

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Daily Bread

Are you what you eat? We explored local eating habits and diets, shedding light on cultural differences and health concerns amongst youth in the Middle East.

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Beverage Trend Reports

From hooch to the top shelf, the great social lubricant has given us plenty to explore across Indian contemporary life.

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Data & Collaboration Solutions

We delved into the working lives of everyday people in Delhi, Dubai and Taipei for a fantastic cross cultural study.

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E-Signature Trust & Security

We travelled across Europe with the Dropbox team to explore perceptions and attitudes towards trust and security in the e-signature space.

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Social Media Privacy

Navigating cultural red lines in KSA for a social media platform.

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JP Morgan

Consumer Spending Habits

Getting to know your customers and build empathy for their payment challenges.

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